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Where that ‘blow ya back out in the name of friendship” or whatever post? I know I liked it awhile back. I think that is so sweet. Like you care so much about our friendship that you trying to help me achieve sexual satisfaction. You da homie.  

I found that post like a couple of says ago because I was feeling exactly the same way, lemme find it again for posterity





I am THE worst babysitter. I lost the damn kid

Nvm they found him. ****sigggghhhhh****

How you lose A WHOLE CHILD Zee ?! lmao

I was in my room asleep. I ain’t know that heathen could open doors lmaoo


me on tumblr when someone gets mad over dumbshit.




Shows like boondocks and black Jesus and chapele show are all fun n games until white ppl start watching them

"These are our shows. You cannot watch them."

tbh I wished more white people watched Boondocks. that’d be incredible. they’d prolly be lost half the time but still.


"so if a white man calls you a nigga you get a mansion a yacht and two white women?"

reasons why white people should watch the boondocks lololol.



I finally got off of tumblr long enough to masturbate so now it’s time to eat a late fucking lunch, watch BSG, and play terraria on my couch in my draws.

text me if you want.

lmao, how you gonna say all that and then add text me

shouts out to the…





My friend called me crying and was like my boyfriend is cheating on me and called the girl all types of names and I accidentally blurted out didn’t you used to sleep with other girls boyfriends in high school maybe it’s your karma cause you was hoe…

So she’s mad at me lol

a true friend

This is all Ryan’s fault

Proud as fuck ngl


I like how Tim asked how a post went from bad to worst like he hasn’t been on this website about as long as I have.


freetit it